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Tours and Tales.com was created by Marcel and Victoria Koning (MarVic.biz) back in 2003 with the aim of sharing the spirit of adventure with like-minded travellers ...

'Cos it takes a special kind of person to seek out adventure; get out of their comfort zone and travel to far-flung places, often off the beaten path."

Marcel and Victoria have recently embarked on a new big adventure; of the life-changing kind.

Our planned 4-month sabbatical in a Provençal village gave us time to reflect on life, and what we want out of it. After just 3 months,, we looked at each other, got in our cars, drove to the Netherlands, packed up and moved South.

"It's not going to be easy. But it will be worth it."

It hasn't been easy settling into a far-busier life than expected, but we're loving it here more and more. Our biggest challenge remains the beautiful and tremendously complicated French language. "Lentement mais surement".

Otherwise, our material possessions are limited to a bed, a bookshelf for our clothes and two small desks that Marcel's father crafted. We're living as guardians and have moved 8 times in a year and a half. Moving so often isn't bad; getting internet each time is most difficult. But what I love most about moving is that shows you what's really important in your life!

We hope the adventure never stops ...

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