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Great that you've stopped by to enjoy some of our wacky life adventures.

In a nutshell, we got married in a small forest in South Africa back in 2001, gave up our corporate lives to become diving instructors in the Caribbean. After a month of intensive diving to rack up the hours, we figured it's better to have scuba as a hobby than a job.

Then taking a completely different tack, we moved to the Netherlands for 12 years doing flooring, building websites and learning about the Central/Northern European way of life. It was quite a culture shock!

You're picking up the story shortly after we made our second move to a foreign language ... this time, in a tiny village in the heart of Provence.

Not having kids, it's easy for us to take the other road. Nope, that's not true, sometimes it's just damn difficult! But always worth it. Bon voyage, Marcel & Victoria

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