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Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler." ~ Henry David Thoreau

Words that mean everything to us ...

After getting married (in a forest) in South Africa back in 2001, we moved to the Netherlands, doing flooring and web design. Those 12 years were invaluable in learning the cultural differences between laid-back "warmer climates" and work-focussed "colder climates".

In November 2013, we took a 4-month sabbatical in the idyllic Provençal village of Cotignac,  to face the cost of not following one's dream and running that dreaded hamster-wheel ... burnout. The decision to move to yet another foreign language, was quickly made. Terrifying and exciting in equal measures.

We've downsized our lives and are working as caretaker consultants. We're not working any less, but the lifestyle suits us. And our old friend "joie de vivre" has returned.

We hope our experiences inspire you to realise your dreams!

Our photo blog shares different aspects of our life, like discovering the beauty of this region, delving into the wonderful world of wine & good local food, spending time doing the things we love,  outdoors, nature, wildlife, travelling, camping and going on adventures with our 110 Landy, "Dakota" after a very painful goodbye to our beloved Land Rover 90 "Muddy Boots".

What are your thoughts, dreams and experiences? Share them here & on social media!

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